• Sync with any HDMI device
  • Seamless synchronization
  • Fit all screen sizes
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0

Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0

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Product highlights
  • Supports 4K 60Hz
  • Fit all screen sizes
  • CEC enabled
  • Upgraded striplight with silicone cover

Full Immersion Experience

A magic box that unblocks full surround lighting in your home.

Lighting for movies

Sync smart lights with your TV to make an immersive viewing experience.

Transform your gaming setup
Sync up your music

Upgraded Model - HDMI 2.0

Seamless sync experience with Neo sync box, support high quality video: 4K/60Hz. Neo can work on Dolby vision and HDR 10+, but the light saturation will reduce.

Fit All Screen Size

The light strip is cuttable design, make it easy to attach to the back of screen in any size. The Neo box will auto calibrate the light strips.


Upgraded Lightstrip

The upgraded light strip is now equipped with a special designed silicone cover, enabling the light to shine a larger area due to an illumintion angle shift from 90° to 45°.

Accurate Color Reproduction

Neo can process up to 500 pixel dot and apply them to lightstrip with ARGB LED, to ensure the high accuracy of color reproduction in sync mode.

CEC Enabled

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) Feature. Use only one remote controller to turn on/off TV, Neo box and other HDMI connected devices.

Endless Possibilities

Connect to a huge range of devices via HDMI. Works with Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation and Mac & Windows and many more. Just plug in and play.

Black Bar Auto Refill

Neo equip with auto refill function, automatically compensate the light for the black side of the movie, giving you the perfect home theater atmosphere.

What's in the box?

1 x Lytmi Neo box


2 x Light Strip Coils


1 x HDMI Cable


1 x AC Power Adapter


10 x Fixing Brackets for light strips

Expand Your Smart Home with Neo

Questions & answers

Does the HDMI pass through support Dolby and HDR?
Google mesh routers don't allow to distinguish between their 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks. so will the neo box work with a google nest mesh router?
Will Neo work with gaming on pc?
Does the HDMI sync box cause signal lag?
There is no connection or any response after plugging in.
Is the strip support multiple colors displayed/customized?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 154 reviews

Der Schlauch hält nicht am TV. Kleber lösen sich. Lässt sich nicht mit dem fire tv cube oder 4k Stick verbinden. Der Schlauch zeigt dann nur rot. Auf Anfragen wird nicht geantwortet. Finger weg.

lytmi kit

I was very into this kind of gimmick but i find it too pricey what was on the market till this time. So i jumped right into it.
It works fine, does what it should. But it can be much better with some software improvements.

This is the problems i found:
- the color accuracy is not that great. I don't know that it can be improved or not, but because i think these kind of rgb or rgbw ledstrips are very color accurate Lytmi should improve this later on. The whole experience could be much better if Lytmi could fix this.
-It's very good that black bars above and under the frame doesn't affect the functioning of this device but what about black bars on the sides? What if i'm watching a lot of old and modern movies that uses aspect ratios like 1.66 or 1.37 etc? Its a shame because this i think could be a very easy software fix. So please Lytmi take a note of this.
-the user interface is very shitty. It is in english but there are a lot bugs. Some stuff is in chinese letters, some aren't and i think there could much more controll for the users. There can be more fine tuning elements. I hope this will improve later on.
-hope Lytmi will implement D65 color/brightness setting because if you are a serious movie enthusiast or an industry professional and using a professionally calibrated screen than with this it could be a professional tool too.

My subjective approach for best settings are as follows:
-brightness: 25% (my screen is not on the white wall so it can be less if yours is)
-screen mirroring speed: weak
This is because it was so distracting to me with the high speed setting and the full brightness. When there is a slow scene or just plain conversation scene and there are light changes even the slightest in the corners of the frame there was a vibrating/fashing light show. It is so annoying. But it could really improve the viewing experience if i use it the way i set it up.

I think this is a very great device. It looks great and it works as expected. I hope they will improve it later on for more accuracy and more functionality.

Fonctionne bien

Après 1 moi d'essais, fonctionne plutôt bien.
Très réactif, juste quelques couleurs un peu bizarre(le noir donne du vert etc)
La pose très facile.
Par contre le double face ne tient pas. Au bout d une semaine ce se décolle déjà.
Une étoile en moins pour ça.
J aimerai bien qu on me dise quoi utiliser en double face !

Christian Schierloh
Im Großen und ganzen super, nach anfänglichen Problemen.....

So, eins vorweg. Habe mich für dieses Set entschieden, weil mir 4K mit 60fps und HDR schon wichtig waren (wegen der PS5) und ich auch keine Kamera auf dem TV haben wollte, wie bei den billigen 30 € Sets. Der Preis ist aber etwas zu hoch, um die 150 € wäre schon deutlich besser. Lieferung ging aber flott und alles war sicher Verpackt.

Alles ist hochwertig aufgemacht und macht beim auspacken schon einen guten Eindruck. So weit so gut.

Habe laut Anleitung die Halter angebracht und das LED-Band verlegt, leider ist in der Anleitung nicht ersichtlich, ob von hinten aus gesehen oder von vorn gesehen angebracht wird. Natürlich habe ich es falsch angebracht, aber dazu gleich mehr.
Da mein TV Rippen an der rückseite hat und die Ecken gebogen sind, dachte ich mir schon das die Halter wohl nicht lange halten werden, aber gut. Das verlegen ging gut, etwas umständlich mit dem Gummischlauch, aber alles im Rahmen.

Da die LEDs sowohl in einer Ecke anfangen als auch in einer enden, hatte ich die befürchtung das die 2 Ecken nicht so gut ausgeleuchtet werden, das ist aber nicht der fall. Im Betrieb fällt es garnicht auf und ist somit OK. Das verlegen der Kabel und der Sync-Box ging auch gut, da ich sowohl Platz, als auch Rippen für die Kabel hatte.

Der erste Test zeigte, das alles funktioniert und auch gut ausgeleuchtet ist. Und dann gingen die Probleme los.

Erster Test mit der PS5: Beleuchtung geht, aber Seitenverkehrt.....Mist. Also alles wieder ab und neu verlegt.

Dann wollte ich die App nutzen. Ging aber nicht, weil kein 5 Ghz Netzwerk unterstützt wird. Also, Netzwerk umgestellt und siehe da....Alles wurde gefunden und ich konnte mich verbinden. Beim start wird ein Testbild angezeigt, was mit der Beleuchtung übereinstimmen muss, das war leider nicht der Fall. Aber kein Problem, das konnte man über die App korrigieren und alles war wie gewollt.

Beim spielen ist mir dann aufgefallen, das zwar die Beleuchtung richtig war, aber in unregelmäßigen abständen die Beleuchtung und das angezeigte Bild ausfielen. Nach ein paar sekunden war alles wieder da, aber nicht lange.

Das Problem war das mitgelieferte HDMI Kabel, was im steckplatz der PS5 einen wackelkontakt hatte. Anderes Kabel genommen und schon funktionierte auch das....Wunderbar.

Das ganze funktionierte 2 Stunden, dann fiel der erste halter ab.....Toll, aber damit hab ich ja gerechnet. Also hab ich 3 Halter die sich gelöst haben noch mit 2K Kleber befestigt und jetzt ist alles bombenfest und hält auch mehrere Stunden Zocken aus. Das Set hab ich jetzt knapp 1 Monat und bin voll zufrieden. Nach anfänglichen Problemen kann ich es also klar empfehlen.

Ihr sollte aber definitiv in den sauren Apfel beissen und die App einrichten, denn das bietet mehrere Vorteile. Erstens ist es die einzige möglichkeit zu kontrollieren, ob auch alles richtig verlegt ist. Und man kann die Intensität der Beleuchtung ändern. Beim Netflix gucken ist das Panische geblinke eher störend und kann etwas runtergedreht werden, damit der Farbwechsel etwas Softer ist.

Also, wenn der Preis etwas angepasst wird, die Anleitung überarbeitet wird, ein ordentliches HDMI Kabel beiliegt und das Problem mit dem 5Ghz Netzwerk ausgebessert wird, dann gibts 5 Sterne. Vielleicht in Version 3.0 ???

A bit pricey, hate the light tube; still worth getting though...

I installed this the other week and wanted to give it a little time to bake before I wrote any kind of review.

I think the price is a bit steep as this should be under $100 IMHO, but I'm sure these types of devices will come down in price as more knock-offs come on the market. I also wish they offered a version with just a sticky-tape style LED. The rubbery light tube it comes with is annoying AF to attach to the TV. They have these little adhesive bracket things, but my TV is curved on the back edges and I couldn't use them. The silicone they use is so slippery that even some 3M double sided tape I had doesn't stick to it! I literally had to use some clear packing tape in a jenky way to hold this rope down. Or they should have some double sided adhesive already on the tube already to solve a major pain point. Next I'm going to take the 65" TV off the wall and try some glue instead as it's just not straight enough for my OCD, there are spots I can see the LED rope peaking out. Also be careful of the rope size; I think I did the default on accident and so it's a little shy for my TV size and so the two opposite corners are a wee bit dark since the lights don't get that far. It's not a huge deal, but I notice it, other people probably wouldn't. But I wish I had the longer ones and just cut them to size.

Overall I like it and if you're into this kind of thing, it's really the only game in town other than the overly-expensive and sadly crippled Hue device; or I suppose you can build your own with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino or whatever (there are YouTube vids to walk you through it). It took about a day or two to really get used to it as it's quite the effect. I used to have just a generic LED tape that was all RGB glow-y randomly. I find it makes a nice effect on the wall. This takes that to the next level. The app has all sorts of settings and you can adjust the brightness and intensity/sensitivity. You can also switch to other modes for music (like visualizers sorta). It does some really cool effects.

Honest Review after 2 months of use

Had the Light preordered before the first shipment. To the case I have been using them for about 1 month and a month after receiving. They took like 18 days to get delivered to my porche in Houston Tx and they were shipped from China. So I would say that shipping is not an issue.

The cost was relatively good, against Hue but higher to Govee. In this case we are talking about the medium product. for $170 USD was not a bad purchase. Iwould have rate it a 5 stars if they had retratctible leds lights. Cause once you cut them, that means that is over. You can not try them and change them on the TV because they are cut exactly to the edge.
Being not able to use it on my previous Wifi was an issue cause 5Ghz is not allowed by the device or app.
The setup was very easy, but the bad part is the bad quality of the double face tape that does nos hold my lights and they keep on felling every hour. I have not cleared my mind on hwo to fix this, since they were supposedly though to be hang on the TV but the glue is not working as supposed and giving me a headache.
Overall the lights are giving the ambiligth I was looking for but other things make me change my mind. Any ways if you are looking for a budget. This will help you as getting a double face glue o tape would be way more cheaper than ordering some quality amibilights

Hope This helps you folks

Uwe Voigt
So ganz zufrieden..

Nur frage ich mich, warum aller paar Minuten Bild und Beleuchtung für paar Sekunden schwarz werden, sich abschalten und nach paar Sekunden ist alles wieder da. Das nervt ziemlich.
Habe die Lytmi Box mit TV und Sky Box verbunden.
Möchte gern wissen an was das liegt.

Lytmi HDMI 2.0

Juste bluffant!!! Je cherchais une alternative à un prix correct au système Ambilight et je dois bien avouer que le contrat est rempli !
Bravo et merci

Richard Lassmann
Slight lag and LED too heavy

Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0, used with a 75" SamsungTV (4k, 60Hz).

The rubber hose with the LED is too heavy and came off the television after a few days.
I have now removed the brackets and the casing of the LED. The LEDs are now attached to the TV using double-sided adhesive tape.
You have to set the setting in the app to high in order to get a good reaction. Otherwise the LEDs change colors much too late.

It would also be nice if you could calibrate the Ambilight via the app, as there is a slight offset between the TV picture and the background lighting in a few places (I reset the box several times, but that didn't help).

The high tech lights work great, the low stick sticky is giving me problems

I picked one of these up after giving up on getting the Hue Sync, and couldn't be more pleased at how well the lighting setup works. It responsive, and looks great ( recommend checking out a fireplace type video to be really impressed). Where I've had a problem, is that the brackets that hold the light strips have come away from the adhesive. The adhesive is firmly stuck to my TV back- but the brackets popped off. So that's rather a problem. The brackets themselves I think are well designed, but the adhesive isn't gripping them as well as it needs to. I've reached out to support to see if they have any suggestions for this, hopefully they'll have a fix.
But as far as the lighting aspects go- can't recommend it enough, it's awesome and is what you are looking for.








Operational humidity

5%<H<95%(non condensing)

Operational temperature


Power consumption

Adapter voltage

12 V

Standby power consumption

2 W

Maximum power consumption

48 W

Neo box size


0.39 inch


5.51 inch

Net weight

0.90 lb


3.23 inch



18 Months

Technical specifications


10000 hrs

Class of protection

II-double insulated


Power adapter


HDMI sync box


HDMI cable


Light strips coils


Fixing brackets


What's supported

Voice assistants

Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant



IR receiver



2.4 GHz



Video resolution

4K 60Hz; HDR 10; Dolby Vision




Bluetooth for installation with WIFI

Lightstrip feature

Color changing (LED)




LED integrated


Cut ability


Lightstrip dimensions

Light Length

163 inch/228 inch/312 inch