• Sync with any HDMI device
  • Seamless synchronization
  • Fit all screen sizes
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0

Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0

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Product highlights
  • Supports 4K 60Hz; HDR 10+
  • Supports Dolby Vision (except for Fire TV Cube and Max)
  • CEC enabled
  • Upgraded striplight with diffuser

Full Immersion Experience

A magic box that unblocks full surround lighting in your home.

Lighting for movies

Sync smart lights with your TV to make an immersive viewing experience.

Transform your gaming setup
Sync up your music

Upgraded Model - HDMI 2.0

Seamless sync experience with Neo sync box, support high quality video: 4K/60Hz, HDR 10+, Dolby Vision.

Fit All Screen Size

The light strip is cuttable design, make it easy to attach to the back of screen in any size. The Neo box will auto calibrate the light strips.


Upgraded Lightstrip

The upgraded light strip is now equipped with a special designed silicone diffuser, enabling the light to shine a larger area due to an illumintion angle shift from 90° to 45°.

Accurate Color Reproduction

Neo can process up to 500 pixel dot and apply them to lightstrip with ARGB LED, to ensure the high accuracy of color reproduction in sync mode.

CEC Enabled

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) Feature. Use only one remote controller to turn on/off TV, Neo box and other HDMI connected devices.

Endless Possibilities

Connect to a huge range of devices via HDMI. Works with Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation and Mac & Windows and many more. Just plug in and play.

Black Bar Auto Refill

Neo equip with auto refill function, automatically compensate the light for the black side of the movie, giving you the perfect home theater atmosphere.

What's in the box?

1 x Lytmi Neo box


2 x Light Strip Coils


1 x HDMI Cable


1 x AC Power Adapter


10 x Fixing Brackets for light strips

Expand Your Smart Home with Neo

Questions & answers

Does the HDMI pass through support Dolby and HDR?
Google mesh routers don't allow to distinguish between their 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks. so will the neo box work with a google nest mesh router?
Will Neo work with gaming on pc?
Does the HDMI sync box cause signal lag?
There is no connection or any response after plugging in.
Is the strip support multiple colors displayed/customized?

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Customer Reviews

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370 parte 1
Compra internacional


Como lo hago para la compra internacional, soy de chile, solo lo compro o les envío un mail?, hay un comentario anterior que solicitan un mail adicional.
Otra cosa funciona con 220v?


Hi, you could order from website directly, but please noted to choose Expedited shipping.

Marco Della Casa

A volte perde il segnale video e le luci si bloccano

Hey Marco,
I'm sorry for your bad experience, could you please make a short video and sent it to support@light-mi.com, we will provide the proper suggestion for you.

The Best

I believe this is the best TV Sync Box, I need to order again for my other TV, I am so happy I try this before the other brands. Thanks Lytmi :)

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Ingo Schwanke

Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0

Bas van Beek

Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0

Gregory Simons
Love the product

Only downside is that it doesn't work with the TV apps

Pedro Zubi
I have the HDMI 1.4, not 2.0... but..

I am very happy with the 1.4 Backlight kit...
I don't have a 4K TV .. Only Full HD....
But be sure I will recommend you need system 2.0
Thanks for create this ambiligth system...
I was waiting for it too many time ago.

Great bit of kit. Fantastic value for money

I ordered these after watching multiple YouTube reviews. They took a while to arrive but that was a customs issue not Lytmi's. Would definitely recommend for those people wanting to try active backlighting 👌👌

I just bought a Google tv Chromecast to run through this as it won't work with a smart TV's inbuilt functions

Great Ambilight alternative

I had already tried the G**** variant with the camera on top of the TV which just wasn‘t good at all.

This solution does the job well. Even though the lag between the input and the light output is still very noticeable, I am hopeful that this issue could be fixed via a firmware update in the future. Also: The color accuracy is still quite off sometimes. But this too might be fixable with an update.

Thanks for an overall great product at a comparably fair price.

Geoff Hill
Lytmi Neo Sync Box & TV Backlight Kit - HDMI 2.0

This is the first time I have ever bought any type of lighting for anything. This is such a good product. It makes watching films or playing games on TV very immersive. The syncing of the lights with the screen and displaying them on the wall was really excellent.
They also supplied corner pieces to help get the light strip around the corners which I though was great.

There are a couple of draw backs.
1. The box links via HDMI cable so can only have one real input. I plugged in my Xbox 1Xto this. You cannot make this work with the TV
2. The output from the neo box is at 30 frames a second. So i connected a HDMI splitter than could output at 60FPS then connect Xbox to in on the splitter, output A to TV output B to neo box.

The company who supplied this to me, considering they are based in China got this to me in the Uk really quickly 10/10 to them.








Operational humidity

5%<H<95%(non condensing)

Operational temperature


Power consumption

Adapter voltage

12 V

Standby power consumption

2 W

Maximum power consumption

48 W

Neo box size


0.39 inch


5.51 inch

Net weight

0.90 lb


3.23 inch



18 Months

Technical specifications


10000 hrs

Class of protection

II-double insulated


Power adapter


HDMI sync box


HDMI cable


Light strips coils


Fixing brackets


What's supported

Voice assistants

Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant



IR receiver



2.4 GHz



Video resolution

4K 60Hz; HDR 10+; Dolby Vision




Bluetooth for installation with WIFI

Lightstrip feature

Color changing (LED)




LED integrated


Cut ability


Lightstrip dimensions

Light Length

180 inch/228 inch/312 inch