Screen Strip Light for Windows PC
Screen Strip Light for Windows PC
Screen Strip Light for Windows PC
Screen Strip Light for Windows PC
Screen Strip Light for Windows PC
Screen Strip Light for Windows PC
Screen Strip Light for Windows PC
Screen Strip Light for Windows PC
Screen Strip Light for Windows PC

Screen Strip Light for Windows PC

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Product highlights
  • Sync with PC (windows only)
  • Fit 17-44 inch screen
  • Support multiple-monitor
  • Sticky led light strips

Ambient Lighting System

Brings you the immersive experience.

Immersive gaming experience

An easy way to enhance your gaming experience, increase the anxiety of chasing, amplify every action effects.

Music & Mic sync
Gaming setup upgrades

Fit a wide range of size

Lytmi software has auto calibration function, support 17-44 inch monitors, including: modern standard (16:9), old standard (4:3), ultrawide (21:9), superwide (32:9).

IP65 PU strip light

The strip light equipped with ARGB LEDs to ensure the high accuracy in reproduction. Sticky led light strips, easy to install, light in weight yet superior in quality.


High accuracy in reproduction

Lytmi can detective the color on screen and apply them on ARGB light strips result in high accuracy color reproduction.

Support multiple-monitor

Open the desktop software multiple times to achieve multi-screen synchronization.

How to set it up?

1. Attach the light strips to back of the monitor (only left, top and right side)

2. Connect the 3-pin connectors and power source cable.

3. Power on and the lights will do self-checking.

4. Download lytmi desktop software from lytmi official website and open the movie mode to enjoy screen syncing.

Multiple preset scene mode

Lytmi software includes sync modes, music modes (spectrum, electronic, and lyricism) and 12 scene modes like rainbow, fire, star, swing and etc.

Easy to control

Except for controlled by software, strip lights can also controlled by a control box which can be used to turn on and off the strip lights and change different modes.

Relieve eye pressure

Reduce eye strain when watching monitors at night with back lighting.

What's in the box?

1 x Controller


1 x LED strips roll


1 x USB to DC cable


2 x Corner mounting brackets


1 x User manual

Desktop Lighting System

Questions & answers

Can it work on 2 or more monitors?

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Lior Tzahi
Led Strip for windows PC

The led strip is working as expected and I’m very happy with it. My problem is with the windows application, when my pc wakes up from sleep mode the application loses the connection to the strip and I need to force quit it and start it again. I hope this bug will be fixed in future versions.

Thank you for the feedback, Lytmi engineers are hard working to solve it.

Ethan Kub-aron
Did not arrive

My order is still in transit

Hi Ethan,
I checked your order which is delivered on 12nd July, if you don't receive it, please contact with your order number, Lytmi customer service will assist you.

Shamsul Sulaiman
Item lost

Item lost, still waiting for what will happen next

Hi Shamsul,

I'm sorry for your bad experience, Lytmi customer service team are hard working on solving the delivery issue of your parcel, please be patient.

Yatin Bhave

Screen Strip Light for Windows PC

Sungman Park


Mariusz S.
Terrible color representation in Movie mode

I encountered the same color representation problem other users have. Red on the screen becomes pink on the wall. When playing games 90% of the time I'm looking at blueish back light. I'm anxiously awaiting a software update that fixes these issues. -1 star because the Movie mode is the main selling point of this strip. This would be 6/5 product if only this software flaw was fixed. Hardware is great, setup is great, software would be ok too if not for this.
I will change my rating once this flaw is fixed.

parfait malgré des petit désagrément

tout d'abord le produit répond bien à mes attente mais il n' y a pas de lumière en mode ambilight sur Netflix "pc" c'est dommage mais pour le prix c'est excellent avec de très beaux jeu de lumière.
je recommande et j adore 😍

Thomas Wootten
Great hardware, goood software

The liight are super easy to install and have good (3M labelled) adhesive. Unlike generic brands which come with no name tape that lasts for about a week. My suggestions for the hardware are:

A) Is that a mic in the light strip? WTF and why? get rid of this
B) Have some mount for the remote. With the PC software don't really use it so just having it attached to the monitor would look better than wires attached to a box on your desktop
C) Use USB 3 if not 3.2. The box has usb 2 and a separate power. The power is just another usb 2 which provides a small amount of power. But if you used usb 3 it would only need a single connector. And 3.2 would provide more than enough and be usb C...

Now for the software. It is showing signs of incremental improvement, which is great. But it is not quite there yet. First and foremost is the 'Screen Sync' function. It is not there, at least it is not labelled as such. Nor is it referenced, iirc, in anything other than the box. The software defaults to 'Movie Mode' which seems to be it but it is not labeled as such. A minor detail but a pretty important one.
The nest thing is so obvious I am Still convinced I missed something. There is no 'auto-minimize' function. Nor is there a 'minimize on close option'. There is an auto-start which is nice, but results in the app on your desktop. The user has to minimize it manually but don't click the 'X' as that kills the lights...
The final thing is there seems to be a second Data Collection app that starts with the Lytmi app, named LytmiData. Normally II wouldn't mind, but this app is hogging between 7% and 15% of my CPU! Now if it just the mic monitor, and I would hope so, it should be optional, if not removed with the mic. If it does more, well I would have a hard time reccomending this product.

jesper Christensen
It's ok. For the money rather good

It's ok. For the money rather good


Your light and software is so fun, but the software should be minimized when it starts up automatically.





Strip Light



Operational humidity

0% - 55%(non condensing)

Operational temperature


Power consumption

Power supply voltage


Technical specifications


25000 hrs

Controller size


3.15 inch


1.73 inch


0.55 inch

Lightstrip dimensions

Light length

43 inch/51 inch/63 inch/69 inch

LED number

48 LEDs/ meter

Luminous flux


Lightstrip feature

Color changing (LED)




LED integrated


Cut ability





USB to DC cable


LED strips roll


Fixing brackets


User manual


What's supported


Yes, support win10 and above



Multi monitors


Software online upgrade


DRM-controlled content




18 months